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The Children's CL♡AKROOM™
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Every season A Fostered Child Organization will make reccomendations of items needed; then open our closet for acceptance of the items. Once the items are listed in the closet, they become available for donations for a child to recieve. (These item's will be brand new & gently loved items). Serving ages Newborn-18 years.

The Cloakroom of A Fostered Child Organization Mission:
The CL♡akroom of A Fostered Child Organization's mission is to cater to the needs, and protection of children's quality of life. We do this by embracing the assistance of our contributors to providing coats, clothes, shoes, toys, and other items to less fortunate children.

Your sponsodrship of a child is important to us as it enables the delivery of items to the children in need. All item's are priced according to season, and status.
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