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Hello, Born into neglectet ; I was forced to live the life of a "Fostered Child". Left without choice, at the age of seventeen, I transitioned into "Independent Living" at the age of eighteen, I aged out of the system as a "Ward of the State". Growing up in this way enabled me to learn at an early age not to take life for granted. Acknowledging all who has provided for me,  I must continue to sow seeds of love into the lives of others. This organization was formed, and operates exclusively for 501(c)3 purposes.

As our efforts of giving as a nonprofit continues to grow, AFCO™ will provide quality pajamas, undergarments, accessories, haircare, and hygiene products to abused, fostered, neglected, and homeless children at no cost. Starting with the need of families that reside in the Cincinnati, Ohio area. Because we support enrichment of the mind, books are included in the packages as well.

A Fostered Child Organization™ fosters the needs of children, and families. Raising awareness about child neglect, homelessness, and fostered children; enables us to educate, empower, and encourage them all.  It is  AFCO's mission to be a necessary tool of intervention. As we offer children, and families in traumatic, emotional, abusive,and meager financial strain; support. We provide small necessities that make a huge impact, as we assist with productive resources,and referrals.

Your sponsorship is important to us, and will make an impact in a child's life.Your donations will help children according to season.


 (ALL ITEMS MUST BE newly packaged.)


For each age group excluding infant, we donate dental hygiene,body/haircare products, and reading materials.

(Infant) 0-24 month clothing, shoes, coats, socks, sleepers, pajamas, slippers, mitts,diapers (Newborn-2T),and under garments.

(Toddler) 3T-6, socks, slippers, pajamas, and under garments.

( Latency )8-10 pajamas, undergarments, socks, slippers.

( Adolescent ) 10-16 pajamas, slippers, (long johns) undergarments, socks.

Please mail all check donations to:

A Fostered Child Organization™ c/o Cincinnatus Savings and Loan 3664 Springdale Road Cincinnati, Ohio 45251

Consider your contribution a thumbs up, high five, or tight hug in the smiling eyes of gratitude.

Thank you.

With your help, we have made contributions to:


•Bethany House •St. Joseph Orphanage


•Over The Rhine Community Housing •ProKids •St. Vincent De Paul (Homeless Shelter) •Mini Miracles Learning Center •Holy Family School•Sheakley Boys/Girls Club •Revive City Church •Rothenberg Elementary School •Bethany House •ITACOST Foundation

2018:                                                                              •Trunk or Treat•(OTR)Holloween  in the Park•Price Hill Recreation Center•Rockdale Elementary School 4th Grade• Taft 7th Grade Baseball Team•Little Senators Football 7 year olds•Marys Childcare Infants•OTRCH BLOCK PARTY

2018                                                                     ☆☆Hosted Community Events☆☆ "The Giving Event" Presented Preschoolers with Pajamas, Gowns, and Footies. (Carson Elementary School)

2019                                                                              Giving Events Hosted at Price Hill Recreation Center  and Carson Elementary. Giving  Hats, Gloves, Scarves, and Hygiene Products. Contribution of Diapers•wipes•training pants to BEST Childcare LLC. National Night Out we served the community of Price Hill with Load & Launder Baskets w/Cards•Hygiene Products. Diapers, Wipes, Training pants . Contribution of BabyL♡VEBoxes to Mini Miracles Childcare Center including (Diapers•Wipes•Training Pants). 

2020  #ALLTHINGSCHILDRENANDFAMILIES        AFCO Childrens CL♡AKROOM  Gave Coats/ Hats Scarves & Gloves to children in need  in Price Hill Community McDonalds. We also serviced the children at the Price Hill Recreation Center w/Hats, Scarves & Gloves We also gave Hair products ,  Hygiene Products. There was an impulse distribution of books, pajamas, socks and slippers in Price Hill Kroger parking lot 12/24/20.  Sheakley Boys and Girls Club • Nellas Place• Best Early Development Center •Bethany House Services• Light House Youth Services (Independent Living)

Covid-19 .                                                                      Volunteers served Price Hill Community w/  Mask & Sanitizer • toiletries • Diapers, wipes, and training pants•soap & washclothes •women hygiene Packages • men hygiene Packages •youth hygiene Package.   Contribution of Baby L♡VEBoxes to BEST Childcare LLC. (Bibs•pacifiers•baby mits•wash cloths•Diapers•wipes•training pants. Contribution of BabyL♡VEBox to Children's World (Diapers•wipes•training pants). For Essential Workers Children. Community Wellness we provided the community with water, AFCO hand sanitizers pre-packaged snacks, toilet-paper resources and referrals to other community partners for services. Park Pop-Ups 2020 Court Street, Wade Street, Grant Park, and Zeigler Park. The Children's CL♡AKROOM served children successfully with Books from a community partner, clothes, and other small necessities that make a huge Impact!

2021AFCO serviced Sheakley Boys and Girls Club Teen Girls, (Hygiene products/ Hand Sanitizer)  St. DePaul Cristo Rey (Hygiene products/ Hand Sanitizer), St. Theresa Avila  (2) 28 cout snack box/ (2) 25 count Hand Sanitizer), UCI Childrens Ministry ( Babycare Box) 93 count Diapers, Wipes & Training Pants. 

AFCO All Things Children and Families Initiative  Helping Children and families Overcome Barriers During these uncertain times by working with Community Partners to get financial assistance.... Rent, Duke Energy, Water, Computers etc....

 ATCFI Honors Recognition Program highlights youth excelling in every way. We have always featured yourh excelling in academics. During Hybrid/Virtual learning; we are giving them incentives, to encourage continued exemplary behavior, and achievements.

We are getting through these uncertain times "Together".

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