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Hello, My name is Keshia, I am a Mom of four children, and the pulse within Resilient Elegance. 

   While  maintaining  a position away from home,  I manage to be very interactive with my family. I have three sons that actively play sports, so the revenue that is generated from Resilient Progeny items are primarily used to support their efforts.

   Resilient Elegance embraces the sheer ethics of business in fashion. Every treasure featured on our website from new, to pre-loved is well kept, cleaned, and stored.

   We take pride in the merchandise listed, & stand by the quality of our photos. ****(There are no filters)**** so please view photographs carefully, as they are the actual item that will be shipped. Also, I would like to mention that products are listed for sale, however, the products that are scrolling are for sale as well. Otherwise, they are stamped "SOLD" to advertise our sold items. If your interested in scrolling items, but don't see a price listed, please email us and we will make adjustments accordingly to serve you.

From our chest to yours, allow us to share with you, a great look, eloquent style, and a professional sense of selling.

~Please embrace Resilient "PROGENY4U" Progeny by enjoying reasonably priced childrens shoes, clothing, and more.

Resilient Elegance is a Sponsor of AFCO, and serves as an umbrella to these entities.

• Book Founder/CEO Keshia 

•Charmed by KMarie

• The Children's CL♡AKroom 

• All Things Children and Families

A Fostered Child Organization™ is a registered 501c3, serving the needs of negelected, fostered, and homeless children in our cities communities that may be in traumatic, emotional, or meager financial strain. We sponsor this organization  by giving 7% from each purchase made on this site. 

No purchase of any item is necessary to donate.

To make your contribution, press "A Fostered Child Organization (Charity Link) tab. To learn more about this organization, click the (TAB) A Fostered Child Organization™ at the bottom of our home page.

Genuine Always,


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