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Book our Founder/CEO Keshia Tucker to "EMPOWER, UPLIFT, and ENCOURAGE" children; she shares a snippet of her storyline, and enlightens them on why giving back is her driving force.
For speaking engagements we usually accept donations of $58.00 up front. As of now there is a special Booking donation of $40.

Class Room Speaking Engagements:
• $20.00 Donation after the use of the discount code (KTBOOKING), as they are expedient in nature, and a more intimate setting.
• Pre-K - 8th grade single class rooms.
• Daycare Centers the same requirements apply.
• Youth Events are set at the original donation rate, unless otherwise discussed.

**Want to support our Founder/ CEO Travel to serve and help children, and families? Donate to the "Miscellaneous Pickup/Drop off" TAB this funds the transportation to travel and serve where needed. Just want to contribute to the Founder/CEO's mission? Choose your prefferred add-on.

When making other contributions always use....

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